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A few tips to help you search the African law Library

Content: In the African Law Library you will find primary source materials such as legislation, a growing collection of reports of court decisions from across Africa, and a wide range of secondary source materials: articles, reports, books etc.  The Library is not just a law library but an information resource including a wide range of materials on governance and related issues, including documentation related to international, pan-African and regional institutions whose actions impact on countries in Africa.

Search Options: Use the search function to find information in the African Law Library. On the search page, the default setting is ‘Overall Search' (which will show everything found related to your search term).

Refining Searches: To narrow down the results displayed, you can select from a range of options: ‘Legislation', ‘Court Decisions', ‘Articles', ‘Books',  ‘Journals' and 'Other Documents'. There is also an option on the top level menu to browse in the various thematic and other ‘Collections'. 

You can further refine your search results using options displayed in the dropdown menu (‘All fields' is the default setting for the dropdown menu) such as ‘Title', ‘Subject', ‘Keyword', ‘Enactment Date', ‘Judgment Date', etc.

Search Results Display: The search results display with basic identifying information at left and on the right of the screen you will see either detailed bibliographic information (if you click on the ‘Information' icon) or the full text of the document (if you click on the PDF or URL icons).

Advanced Search: You can conduct a more complex search in African Law Library by combining several of these elements together. Click on Advanced Search to do this.